Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hota Hai Shab-o-Roz Tamasha Mere Aagay

I was done... Done blogging here... Because I Lost Hope... Because I Had Become Numb To The Situation... Because I Chose To Look Away...

But THIS...Its crazy.... It makes my eyes water... It makes me have nightmares... People of Quette spending 4 days out in the cold harsh weather with the dead bodies of their beloved getting dampened in the rain and the CM of Quetta says k "yeh log khoon k aansoo ro rahay hain tau kia keroon mai...Tissue Ka Truck Bhijwaa Doon"...

Tahir ul Qadri Takes a great number of people...ordinary people...with ordinary lives...little children and women to march to the Capital ... they camp outside the Parliament House... Spend three days in the cold with no roof over their head... and their "leader" is sitting in  a bullet-proof bunker addressing them every few hours...Keeping them charged... I don't care what he has to say...what his demands are all i care about are those people....sitting out there... this is what we have come to? ... is this the amount of hopelessness that we feel that now we don't care anymore...not about our jobs...or about or lives? And sadder than the fact that no one cares....the government is still sitting there as if nothings happened... I dint know how this will end...i only ask what is the change that they are demanding for? All i want to know is that when is this gona end... for better or for worse those people are out there....hoping for CHANGE...

I dont know what this is...all I know is that....Hota Hai Shab-o-Roz Tamasha Mere Aagay

Friday, 22 June 2012

Does Anyone Have The Same Questions In Their Head As Me?

Ok so....Im not planning to attempt any explanations this time....'cuz you guys pretty much know what I would say....and im already pretty bashful about all my un-kept promises.

So I have been keeping a look at the current political situation...(which is kinda not really hard because of all the 24 hour news channels shoving it down our throats all the time) ... so we all know our 'dear' Prime Minister is now our Ex (thank God for that) Prime Minister....and I am not gona go ahead and wonder at the obvious...which is that who will be the next ... and when the elections are going to on and so forth...
So instead Im gona go ahead and wonder at the even MORE obvious question...which has not been raised by people...and Im surprised at that....the question being that the man has not been our Prime Minister for more that a month now....and in all that time he still used all our funds to travel around the world...and to shop...and lived in his Fortress known as the Prime Minister House....which is run on I dunno how many lack rupees per when are we getting all of that money refunded?
I was hoping that someone out there onall those TV channels would point this out....ask this question...atleast in the passing....but that has not een seen...and im kinda surprised....I thought our media wanted all the attention it could get...I thought that each channel would grab at this oppertunity the moment the court put the final order up...and banter about it until that man was FORCED to take action...but that has not come to be.
My question is...what is the reason behind this hush? Why are these things being kept so quiet?
More importantly what are these people waiting for?
If that money was to be returned to us....dont you think the country would be a step ahead in getting out of the mess thet it is in?
This is bugging me quite a bit....I was wondering how many other people have been thinking the same thing...
Shouldn't here be a bit of a change in the media view?

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Thali K Baingen ?

Ok so I am very very very tired today....and yet Im keeping my word to you guys and blogging this week...
so here goes

A month or so ago I was in the car with my sister and we were waiting on a traffic front of us was a billboard welcoming the cool white haired PPP guy [I still dun know what he was doing in PPP] into the other cool black haired guy's [kaptaan]political party...[so the party is cool square...or if we count the baaghi then cool cube]...looking at the board my sister commented "thali ka bengan" ...and the first thing that came to my mind was....that aren't we all thali k bengan as a nation...

The kaptaan calls and we answer in the form of crowds...the *not-so*-shareef calls and we answer in the form of crowds...the Ahem...wadaaira saai calls and we answer in what is it with us...are we really capeable of using our brains to analyse...or is politics our new free entertainment?

I sometimes feel like asking the quom...."bata teri raza kia hai....aur koi raza hai b ya bas baikhaar ka drama hai?"

I personally believe that its time to give the kaptaan a chance...[but thats just me...feel free to disagree] but Im not really sure about the quom's they really wana change Pakistan for the better...or by "change" they mean "a change of faces " or "change of means of entertainment"

Another thing I've called supporters of kaptaan and his party being abusive on social netwoking sites when criticism is flung at the kaptaan...if they are real supporters then they need to know that they are doing more damage than good...and if this is another play at a sabotage well ...I'd rather not share my true feelings on that.

So all in all...I have my fingers crossed that this time it is a change for real...and the quom is wide awake...and the kaptaan delivers what she says he would....cuz well we do need a CHANGE.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

My New Year Resolutions :D

Ok So....Firstly I am has been way too long and Im not even going to try and justify my absence here...all I can say is that I am back for goo this time....and Im here to stay...and I have new ideas...and alot of newly found positive energy !!!

So Without Further Ado...My Resolutions

-1- Blog atleast once a week :D
I promise to try and bring atleast one blog a week to you guys but I need your help in way of suggestions and comments that will tell me how to improve and what to talk about !!!

-2- Be A Good Pakistani:
Yup this time I resolve to be patriotic and be positive and try and BE THE CHANGE ....fix whatever I can fix whatever others are fixing....and appreceate all the efforts !!!

-3- Register My Vote:
Still havent done that *smack-my-head* another thing to be done in January

-4- Being Greatful:
In the time I wasnt around here....i went through that *completely-ungreatful-mad-at-the-world-phase* so to fix all those wrongs I am gonna remember to be greatful for all that I have and even the challenges that life brings because most of what doesnot kill us makes us stronger !!!

-5- Do The Million Things That I Have Been Planning To Do:
Another one of my complacent habits...I keep putting small things offlike small craft projects ... writing thankyou letters stuff like that

-6- Get into the habit of  NOT leaving things half done :
 I admit recently i have become even more complacent than I was and have developed the habit of leaving things half done...and thats not a good it my art house work.....or anything its gonna get done !!!

-7-Finishing My Html Programming Course :
This is in this list because its one of those things that i donot perticularly WANT to do....but its something i have to thats why i have been dwindelling on it but I will get done with it in the first month of the new year !!!

-8- Live Today!!!
People who know me...know that I tend to worry so much about what will happen....and the consequences of the things that happpened in the past that I forget to appreceate the moment I am in .... so no more doing that !!!

So there we are....this is not even close to being it but these are the things that I find the most important
so lets see how my resolve holds...i do need prayers from you guys....and i hope that you guys have some big plans for the next year too !!!

I Hope That 2012 Will be The Year Of The Change !!!
Happy New Year To You All

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Playing "Simon Says..."

This blog is coming sooner than you guys probably expected...the reason for this rather early edition are the events of yesterday...Yes I'm talking about Osama-Bin-Ladin's supposed death...I say supposed...because we know America too well...I will certainly not be surprised if a month later...their president calls a press conference to say..."It Is My Painful Duty To Announce...That Osama Bin Ladin...Is Still At Large...The Man We Killed Was A Look Alike" or one better maybe "Osama Bin Ladin Has Been Re-Incarnated and Is Still At Large...blah...blah...blah"...[and they call OUR NATION melodramatic]

I will NOT be Discussing Osama's character in this blog [Or Obama's for that matter]...or will not discuss if Osama is dead or alive...even not debate the fact that should he have been killed or not...what I will discuss is the hypocrisy the U.S president...the International Agencies...and how can I forget....our own so-called Government...or rather our excuse for a Government...

Before I unfold the drama...I need to make a few things clear...all my past blogs have been about the improvement of the all the solutions provided for the betterment of the nation...the government's [long forgotten...and still not remembered] role has not been mentioned...and the reason that I am about to mention the government in this blog is that I HAVE HAD ENOUGH...and I’m sure so have after I have had my say about what's been happening...I will again have a solution...and this time I am actually asking for all your let’s get started

So firstly...the press conference done by the U.S President...[here's the link... ] ... he openly admits that it was he who gave the green signal for an operation in to me this man is confused about exactly which country he rules...the last time I checked...Pakistan was NOT a county of how can the president of America...authorize an operation in a country on the other side of the world...technically speaking he does not have the power to authorize as much as the swatting of one SINGLE fly...let alone men

Secondly that man admitted what he'd done in front of INTERNATIONAL MEDIA...he violated international is it that he is still the president of his come he is not rotting in jail for such a crime...and he even need not be taken to trial...considering the fact that he proved himself guilty of all charges in front of the WHOLE WORLD.

Thirdly...our poor little excuse for a Government...actually thanked that man for "helping" them in the operation...oh for God's sake...if Zardari has a row with his son...will he appreciate Obama interfering and slapping Bilawal hard? ... I personally don’t think so... [Though we never know with our dear president]

How much longer will the government keep playing "Simon says…" with the U.S...every time Simon[Read: Obama] says something they actually do matter how senseless the act might be...when will they wake up and realize what they are doing to their people...when will they learn that there are things more important than money...HUMAN LIFE for instance...

Now I have a question...that suppose I go to our president and tell him that I’m looking for John Doe because he killed my kittens and his ware bouts have been traced in Washington D.C ...will our president have the power to bombard Washington D.C...? And do a press conference saying "I am delighted to announce that John Doe is dead...and he’s gotten what he deserved for killing kittens"
I’m sure all of you have enough grey matter to deduce the answer.

Now...what can WE do...[can’t go strangle a few people...though that is definitely something I wish was legal]...we can...and should write in the news papers about it...I'm actually appealing for all of us to make our voice be heard...if all of us write everyday...then one day the media will have no choice but to listen...LET US BE HEARD...pleaseeee people...all I’m asking for is a little time and effort for the nation...leave them no choice BUT to hear us out...and if the media is plastered with protests...then one day...the government will have to take SOME action...LET THE CHANGE BE HEARD !!!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Nation That Sleeps

Before I Begin…

I’m sorry for the delay…there were two small reasons for it…firstly I was finding a difficulty in deciding a topic that could address the most important of our problems…[and figuring out what exactly is the most important of our problem] … and the second was that after a thorough grinding in the mill of examinations I took some time to recover…feeling better than ever now…here I am trying to be the change…

For the past few days…I’ve been looking for a reason that can help us understand exactly why we are the way we are…why do we seem to be a Nation that Sleeps...and I’ve come up with many…
Misuse of power…here I’m talking less about the government and more about us all…whatever little power we have…We abuse it to the fullest…how many of us give fair wages to our servants… when I say fair wages I mean money enough to run an household EFFECTIVELY…how many of us make an effort to put in that extra effort in our teachings…how many of us take the correct but long route rather than the incorrect short cut?
What you like for yourself choose for your brother…do we do this? When we want something for ourselves…we want the best…when we are looking for something for someone else…the price matters…I’d rather buy branded for myself…and a cheap imitation would do for someone else.
Cheating… not just in exams and tests…but in life…shop keepers cheat while selling products…teachers cheat through favoritism…from games to international affairs we cheat.
Lying…we lie be it the simple matter of whether we did an assignment or not…or the national lie we listen to everyday in the prime time slot “Bijli ka bohraan jald khatam kerain gay” [we are going to end…the power crisis VERY SOON]… we tell white lies…ALL of us…
Bribery…be it on signals in offices or in sports…we bribe… we say we can’t help it…a young man pointed out “aap dain gay nai tau who lain gay kaisay?” [If you don’t give a bribe how would someone take it]
After reading the above I have questions for us all…is it just the system that should be blamed…should fingers be pointed ONLY at the government…are we completely correct in our behavior…are we as a notion SO easily influenced that 700 people can influence 18 Karor people… is it THAT simple … I don’t think so…changing the government won’t change much…you can get saints to sit in the parliament and the courts for all that it’s worth…it won’t change a thing…nothing would…UNTIL WE CHANGE…
So come on people…let’s take a pledge to correct our wrongs…OUR OWN WRONGS FIRST…and we will see a nation awaken…Strong and Great…Let Us Be The Change We Need

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The 'ME' Feeling and The 'WE' Feeling

Everyday all of us wake up and start the day...Using words like I, Me, Mine, Mujhe, Mera,... I have to do this...According to ME... This is MINE...MUJHE yeh chaheay...MERA dil nai chahraha...

Suddenly I realize...exactly how selfish, self centered, and inconsiderate we are...ALL of us are...and this ME feeling is affecting a nation...
"Why should he be the last person to cross the signal...and why should I have to wait?"...sounds familiar? ...yea thats each one of us talking...and if we dont say it...we do feel that way....our actions project this feeling...cant we say that lets all take our turn in crossing TOGETHER?

Why should someone else be free ... while I do the work? ...another one of our many times do we think that...why should that person do the work alone...why dont I go and help...and WE do it together?

The above stated situations sill occure when we are alone to do something...and the completion of the task at hand would be our own singular effort...but there is a worse case of thoughtlessness that can be frequently witnessed...that is in group situations...when a group of people are given one single task to complete...and one person ends up doing all the work while the others sit back and relax...the general sentiment in these situations is...why should I do seomething...or even worse...if HE/SHE is doing it  let them...I'LL turn up when all the work is done...

Why do we think this way?...that is the question that needs to be answered...why have we truned this selfish...why dont we make the small efforts to help people ...make their lives simpler...and bring peace to our own?

We think like this...because we have been always been taught to subject others to our judgements ... to our discrimination...what is worse is that no one instructed us to think this way...feel this way...but slowly and gradually we have been led to our society in general...

There will be no use complaining about WHO did lets get to the solution quickly...
Form this moment ... and now..let us make a conscious effort to help others...make things easier for people around us...not just people who we know...EVERYONE...

Exactly how much effort can it be pleasnt to a help someone carry their let someone cross the road while we stop our car to let them help someone clean form a line and wait for our simply realise that others are as important as we matter their color, creed, cast, religion or social position...we are all humans FIRST...and EVERYTHING else later...
And when it comes to convinently we are made to forget one class...the one that brings us together...we are all PAKISTANIS....and when we are labled that...we all stand united...

So let us all make an effort to change our old stubborn habits...and replace them with ones that bring us together...and move forward... TOGETHER :)

United We Stand...Divided We Fall...So Let Us Be The Change That Would Unite Our Nation